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After The Rain

(Efter regnet)

lyrics: Mats Nörklit
translation: Ruben Landman

Listen, the rain has
ceased falling, and
look, now the air is clear and blue,
it is pleasant breathing.

See, finally the
sun’s breaking through, and
juggles with ev’ry leaf and stalk.
The earth is smelling new,
the sun is shining here for you.

All is so quiet,
all comes to life

Still lies the sea, ’twas
beaten by rainfall, and
see, how the sky is glittering
in that waving mirror…

Here comes a breeze that’s
icy at first, and
see, how the bay is freezing…
In a minute now
warmth will be right there somehow.

The sun is awake now,
the sun has come back

Just now ’twas dark and
cold here at home, and
silence and frost were in this place.
All was closed and locked up.

Now we can open
doors towards the sunshine,
now all the light may enter.
Now the rain has passed,
now the cold gets out at last.

Here we can stay, and
here we can live